Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Many clients like the attention that individual therapy provides, where our entire focus is on addressing your concerns. In Relational Psychodynamic Therapy, I use our relationship to help you understand the unconscious and increase conscious motivation. We will meet weekly or twice a week if you select this approach.


Psychoanalysis has evolved a great deal since the time of Freud. My contemporary relational approach focuses on the healing relationship between analyst and client. This intensive therapy is excellent for long-term problems that are complex and difficult to resolve. It is also part of the training process for professional psychoanalysts. We will meet three times a week or more with this approach.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Whether you have long-term, entrenched problems in your relationship, or just want to learn how to communicate more effectively, weekly couples and marriage counseling can help you better understand and empathize with each other and find creative solutions to your problems.

Family Therapy

Are you having conflict with your adult children or siblings, or with your parents or other relatives as an adult? I have helped many families connect, reconnect, and deepen their relationships in weekly family therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a wonderful way to develop and improve relationships with significant others, family members, friends, and colleagues. Groups meet weekly to discuss whatever issues are important in members’ lives. Group offers powerful support, motivation, and gentle challenge. It serves as a “relationships lab” where members may not only share about problems in their external lives but also work on their actual relationships within the group. Group is also more affordable; fees are lower than for individual therapy. Some members see me or other therapists for individual therapy; others choose only to do group.

In this group, we will address members’ trauma histories, but the focus will be on developing healing relationships among members in the here and now.  The group will meet via Zoom on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:15 pm ET beginning in April 2024 and be open to adults of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities. The full fee for this group is $115 and a Sliding Fee Scale is available. Click here for an agreement to complete if you are interested in this group.

Therapy Group for Therapists:

Being in a therapy group as a therapist is an invaluable growth experience that is both personally and professionally enriching.  This Zoom group will meet on Thursdays from 12:00-1:15 pm ET beginning April 19, 2024 and focus on developing emotional intimacy among members in the here and now. The fee for this group is $80 for clinicians with over 5 years’ post-grad experience, $60 for 5 years or less, or $50 for advanced grad students and analytic candidates; the fee for the pre-group consultation is $180, 140 or 120 respectively. It is open to therapists of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities. Click here for an agreement to complete if you are interested in this group.


With many years of experience providing psychotherapy and supervision/consultation to clinical social workers, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts, I offer consultation to licensed clinicians on cases and practice issues (including developing a Private Practice) on a regular basis (weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly) or as needed. I also provide supervision to candidates in psychoanalytic training.